Straight stairlifts: a buyer’s guide

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Straight Stairlifts

A stairlift is a mechanical device that lifts people, usually those that are disabled or older, up and down stairs. It can make life a lot easier for someone that can’t climb the stairs unassisted. For many, it’s the difference between staying in their home and moving elsewhere.

Multiple types of stairlifts are available to fit different staircases, and many models with various features. A straight stairlift is usually suitable for staircases that go in a straight line, while a curved stairlift is suitable for staircases that bend or curve. With so much choice, knowing which stairlift is right for your home can be tricky. Keep reading to find out whether a straight stairlift might be right for you.

This page answers common questions about curved stairlifts. If you’re interested in straight stairlifts, keep reading.

Lady on a straight stairlift carrying laundry basket

What Do Your Stairs Look Like?

Stair designs for straight stairlifts
If your stairs look like any of the staircase designs above, you will most likely need a straight stairlift.

What is life like after having a stairlift fitted?

A stairlift can give back a level of independence to its users. Someone once reduced to part of a house, or perhaps relying on a carer to assist them with the stairs, can access the whole house independently.

If a family home has multiple levels, installing a stairlift can mean staying in your home instead of moving to a house on one level or a flat with a lift. For some people, recovery from an operation may be able to take place at home a lot sooner because of having a stairlift installed temporarily.

Most importantly, a stairlift can make getting up and down the stairs feel safe again. In England, 43,000 people are hospitalised each year because of stair-related accidents. For users and carers, installing a stairlift can restore peace of mind.


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We’ve answered some of the most common questions people ask us when considering buying a straight stairlift.

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Lady getting off of a straight stairlift at the top of the stairs

As the name suggests, a straight stairlift is suitable for staircases without corners. So, a straight stairlift is likely right for your home if your staircase is in a single straight line. Because the tracks of straight stairlifts can only travel in straight lines, a straight stairlift may not be the best choice if you have two straight staircases joined together by a landing.

In this scenario, it may be better to install a curved stairlift instead. Another option might be a transfer platform stairlift, where two straight chairlifts are fitted. With a transform platform stairlift, users must be able to move between two seats, making it unsuitable for some people with restricted mobility.

If you are concerned that your stairlift is too narrow, you may be pleased to know that brands now offer stairlifts for staircases as narrow as 620 mm wide. There are a couple of stairlift options if your staircase is narrow.

One option to consider is a perch stairlift. The user almost stands when using a perch stairlift, but with the assistance of a seat to lean on. A perch stairlift can be excellent if you have restricted knee or hip joints and sitting can be painful.

If the user has more limited mobility, another option is a narrow stairlift. A compact design and folding parts can make it possible to fit a stairlift in a small space and still allow others to use the stairs when it’s not in use.

Popular brands of straight stairlifts are Acorn, Handicare, Stannah and Thyssenkrupp. Many models are available to suit your individual needs: from the highly customisable Stannah Starla, available in two shades of wood and five upholstery colours, to more simple and affordable models like the Acorn 130.

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Straight stairlifts tend to be cheaper than curved stairlifts. A more affordable straight stairlift, Like the Acorn 130, starts from around £1950. A more sophisticated design with more features can cost you £2795.

There are other factors that can impact the final cost, such as the length of your staircase. Likewise, if your staircase has obstructions at the top or bottom, a power hinge rail may be needed. Alternatively, you may need to have obstructions, like radiators, moved. Both will mean additional costs. Further expenses to consider include a warranty and ongoing maintenance.

If you are struggling to afford a stairlift, you may be to get financial help. Money Helper has information on funding to make your home more accessible.

There are reconditioned stairlift options available. Many stairlift installers provide pre-used stairlifts from popular manufactures like Acorn, Handicare and Stannah. Buying a pre-used stairlift from a reputable company ensures that a refurbed stairlift is as safe as buying one brand new. However, the warranty period offered is typically a maximum of two years.

Reconditioned stairlifts from well-known brands may also have a maximum period of use to be eligible for resale, such as a maximum of three years. This time frame again ensures the safety of the user.

Another option is to rent a straight stairlift for your home. The cost of installation and removal and monthly rental fees make this option expensive in the long run. A rental stairlift may be cost-effective if it’s only needed for a short time, for example, after an operation. If you require a stairlift for more than six months, purchasing one is likely more cost-effective.

The installation of straight stairlifts is usually quick and hassle-free. A common misconception is that stairlifts are attached to the wall, but they are attached to the stairs. Many companies offer next-day installation, making the whole buying and fitting process fast.

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