Stairlifts Colchester

If you find going up the stairs a challenge, a stairlift can restore your ability to move around your home more independently.

The two main types of stairlift: straight and curved. As their names suggest, straight stairlifts can only travel in a straight line, curved lifts can travel around corners. Curved lifts cost significantly more due to their unique design and additional install cost.

Living in Essex, close to Stanway, Alresford, Marks Tey, Brightlingsea there are a variety of stairlift manufacturers to meet your requirements. Brands you may of heard of include: Acorn, Access BDD, Brooks, Handicare, Stannah and Thyssenkrupp
From Brook's affordable range to more sophisticated models with additional features and customisations tailored for you, you will find something to suit every budget. All major brands provide installation, making the process stress-free.

Refurbished stairlifts tend to be cheaper than buying new. To ensure you get value for money, buy a reconditioned stairlift from a reputable company. All good reconditioned stairlift companies in Colchester will provide installation services, simplifying the process.

Before a stairlift is fitted, you must book a home survey from a professional stairlift surveyor. The survey will assess exactly what's required and how much it's going to cost. If you're happy with the quote, the company will book an installation date. No building work is usually needed as stairlifts attach to the stairs rather than the wall. This means that installation is normally quick and easy.

In most cases, stairlifts don't require building work since they attach to the stairs rather than to the wall.


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Curved Stairlifts

If your stairs have a turn or corner, or if you have two or more shorter straight staircases connected by a landing, a curved stairlift may be an ideal choice for your residence. Take a look at the following curved staircase designs to determine if they resemble your current stairs. If they do, you will need a curved stairlift.

Curved stairlifts are generally pricier than straight stairlifts because navigating corners requires a more intricate design than travelling in a straight line. As curved staircases are less universal in shape than straight ones, you are more likely to need a custom-built rail, which can also be expensive. The starting price of curved stairlifts is about £3,850. Multiple bends and stopping locations will be extra.

Common curved stairlift brands include:

  • Handicare 4000
  • Stannah 260 {Siena}
  • Platinum Ultimate
  • Otolift Modul-Air
  • Thyssen Flow X / Access BDD Flow X

staircase types for curved stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts

If you have two straight sets of stairs connected by a landing, you may be able to fit two separate straight stairlifts. However, you need to be able to transfer independently between the two lifts. In cases where this may not be feasible, a curved stairlift is most likely the best solution.

The images of straight staircases featured (A-D) can give you an idea of whether you'd need a straight stairlift.

Straight stairlifts are less expensive than curved stairlifts because the rail is straight and simple to manufacture. Prices start from around £1,950. Features like a powered hinge rail or upgraded swivel seat will increase the overall price.

Here are some popular straight stairlift models: • Brooks Lincoln • Stannah 600 • Platinum Horizon • Thyssen/Access BDD Homeglide • Acorn 130 • Handicare 1100 • Handicare 1000.

Straight stairlifts offer a quicker and easier installation process compared to curved stairlifts, thanks to their straightforward design. Typically, it takes one engineer less than half-a-day to fit a straight stairlift.

Staircase types for straight stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts

Do you have an external set of stairs, perhaps leading up to your front door our out to a garden area? Consider fitting an outdoor stairlift. Whether to reach your property unassisted or parts of your garden that bring you joy, an outdoor stairlift can restore your confidence and independence. Stairs can pose a significant risk for individuals with limited mobility or balance issues. Outdoor stairlifts offer a secure and stable mode of transportation, reducing the chances of falls or accidents that can lead to injuries. The average cost of an outdoor stairlift in the East of England region is around £2,400, but other environmental factors may increase this. Stairs with turns will naturally cost more than a short straight staircase.

Outdoor stairlifts are virtually the same as internal stairlifts, but include waterproof components to make them suitable for outdoors. When you're not using your outdoor stairlift, a weatherproof cover can provide extra shielding from rain and snow. If your property is by the coast, your outdoor stairlift is more likely to suffer weather damage. Salt in the air can corrode parts of the stairlift over the years. A waterproof cover also keeps the seat dry.

Narrow Stair Lifts

There‘s a lot of Victorian homes in Colchester and Stanway, Alresford, Marks Tey. If you live in this type of property, your staircase may measure narrower than modern staircases.

If your stairs are particularly narrow, look for a stairlift model specifically for limited spaces. When not in use, folding armrests, seat and footplate allow your stairlift to fold away as slim as 300mm.

A good solution for really narrow stairs is the Thyssenkrupp Flow X. The Flow X stairlift is designed to work on stairs as narrow as 610mm. The seat automatically swivels to get the passenger through the smallest sections on your staircase without the user's knees or toes fouling the opposite wall.

Another option to look into is a perched seat stairlift. When using a perch stairlift, you partially stand but with a seat to perch on. Although, it's likely not suitable if you find partially standing difficult. It's a great option if you have constricted hip or knee joints that make sitting challenging.


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Heavy Duty Chairlifts

The weight capacity of stairlifts can vary depending on the model, and certain brands including Bruno and Handicare provide heavy-duty options, commonly referred to as bariatric stairlifts. These specialised stairlifts are designed to accommodate individuals with higher body weights safely.

The Handicare 1000 XXL is ideal for straight stairs, supporting up to 31 stones with added comfort features like a wider seat and extended armrest. The Bruno Elite is a great choice for curved staircases, accommodating up to 30 stones, while the Platinum Ultimate can handle up to 25 stones.

If you are at the top end of these maximum weight limits, a Through-Floor-Lift (TFL) is the alternative. When the lift is parked on the ground floor, the top is strong enough to become part of the floor above. Starting at £11,500, Through-Floor-Lifts can be expensive. However, they can also make a massive difference in your daily life.

Reconditioned stairlifts Colchester

For those with a restricted budget, it's worth considering a pre-owned stairlift as a cost-effective option. Typically, it is straightforward to find a reconditioned stairlift for a straight staircase. Shortening an existing straight stairlift rail to fit your stairs is cheaper than buying a brand new rail. Finding pre-owned stairlifts to suit your curved staircase is not so easy as they are custom-made for a specific customer. The solution is to get a brand new bespoke curved rail then pair it with a pre-owned, refurbished, curved stairlift seat.

Buying a pre-loved stairlift from a Mr/Mrs Smith in the Colchester area could seem like a good idea, but it comes with much greater risks. If you want to buy a used stairlift it's better to buy one from a reputable installer. This way, you can be confident that your stairlift works as well as a new one and is safe to use. A refurbed stairlift should also come with a 1 year guarantee, meaning you're covered for up to a year should it stop working.

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